The success of a scenario or set of scenarios is not evaluated by observing whether or not these situations occur in the future, but rather on whether it or they positively influence the strategies and choices of today. Sometimes the most significant scenario is, in hindsight, the one we manage to avoid. In developing scenarios, we create a common language that allows us to talk about the challenges of the present and the future. Based on this conversation, we can make choices and form strategic alliances that allow us to promote the future reality that we desire.

For these scenarios to be useful, it is essential for people to reflect on and talk about them. This reflection may be individual or collective, face-to-face or virtual. We hope that this collective exercise will contribute to enriching and stimulating public debate in different forums – from schools and communities to society at large – about Basic Education in Brazil that go beyond the issues, possibilities, and even beyond the scenarios drafted by this group of people at this time in the country.

All project materials may be freely reproduced.

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Digital Report

Complete report (Portuguese)

The complete report with the Brazilian Education scenario narratives, comparative tables and explanation of the methodology.

PDF (26MB)
Brazilian Education Context

Context Document (Portuguese)

This document provides a brief history of education in Brazil, summarizes recent data on education and presents social and political trends for the future that will impact education.


Flyer (Portuguese)

This flyer summarizes the Brazilian Education scenarios in a simple and accessible way and can serve to support dialogue around them.

Executive presentation

Executive presentation on the Brazilian Education scenarios (English)

This presentation can be used to introduce transformative scenario planning and the Brazilian Education scenario narratives to different audiences.

PDF (11MB)
Summary of the Dialogue-Interviews

Summary of the Dialogue-Interviews (Portuguese)

This report summarizes the 71 dialogue-interviews conducted at the beginning of the project.

How-to Guide for using the Scenarios

How-to Guide for using the Scenarios (Portuguese)

This guide is for anyone interested in organizing dialogue and reflection events on the Brazilian Education scenarios.


Press-Release (Portuguese)

PDF (0.2Mb)